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% loss in Human Development Index score when adjusted for inequality “To fix our country, we need a strong leader willing to break the rules” - Percentage in selected world countries who agree 100418414_o 2008 Electricity Theft Percentages in Turkey 2015 Population Map, 4th Edition 2017-2050 Population Growth Rate% 2018 Fragile States Index 30personnes aumiles carre A comparison of some of the largest buildings in the world A map of all the countries that have a universal healthcare system A world of languages - and how many speak them Abortion Law in Africa by country as of April 2019 africa literacy rate Africa population density, absolute amount of 1 Africa’s natural resources Africa’s Wealthiest Cities Africa’s Wealthiest Cities African Travel Risk, 2019 afrique densite de population afrique depense militairefo1rasnq9o1_1280 afrique francais afrique how the us population fit into africa afrique illetrisme Adult Illiteracy Rate in Africa afrique-climate map -Africa afrique-Population of Middle Eastern Nations as of February, 2019 afrique-Relative positions of all African cities with a population of greater than 200,000 afrique-Renewable water resources in Africa afrique-Six of the most widely-spoken and six of the rarest languages in Africa afrique-The major river basins of Africa Afrique-Urbanization rate in Africa afriquew agriculture chine importation agriculture monde espace cultivable Alcohol consumption per capita, 2008 amérique du sud bresil oiseaux amérique du sud-Chile Is Long Enough To Stretch From Lisbon, Portugal To Moscow, Russia When Overlaid On Europe amerique du sud-Percentage of adult population considered to be obese in South America Amount of fresh water in the world An optimal tour of the 100 biggest cities (regardless of politics or cost) Anamorphic world map based on CO2 emissions AncestryNation of immigrants from 1990 textbook animaux tueur Annual Sunshine Hours of The World antarticque antartiqueq9o1_1280 armés dans le monde asia-country with lowerpopulation than metrotokyo asie Language Map Of China asie population density At-risk languages in the world Australia vs the world australie-The Mediterranean Sea perfectly fits inside Australia Average Annual Humidity Average annual rainfall in Australia Average annual water runoff around the world Average height of Asian males aged 18-22, 2016-2018 Average hours of work needed to earn monthly rent (1 bedroom) in each US state Average miles traveled in public transportation per capita, by US States bombe atomioque-Humanoïde - Mai 2015 Brazilian States Compared Closest Country by Human Development Index bruit nuisance sonore ocean poisson biodiversité canada francais canada population canada population carte-antipode-750x400 chainealimùentaire energie Child Labor Around The World, 2013 China GDP in 2020 by province China overlaid on USA at the same latitude chine usaq9o1_1280 chine vs reste du mondeyY41rasnq9o1_1280 chine-The Pearl River Delta, 120 millions living in one megacity circonsisionasnq9o1_1280 Cities with the largest population of Millionaires climatisation pollution rechauffement climatique-Science___Vie_-_Ao_t_2018 Co2 emissions per country 2016 corruption Unpaid annual New York City parking violations by diplomats Cost of Living in the United States Cost of Living Index for Country 2018 Mid-Year Counties with the majority of United States Army recruitment Top2018 Bottom1998 Countries by Foreign Debt compared to their national GDP Countries by percentage that agrees that “people should be able to say things that are offensive to minority groups publicly” Countries by Unemployment Rate Countries resized by their population Countries That Don’t Recognise Christmas as a Public Holiday Countries that have a population smaller then the Guangzhou metropolitan area Countries that have more MalesFemales than the other gender in terms of population Countries that require a specific religion for the head of state Countries that stone people to death in 2018 Countries where police officers don’t carry firearms Countries where the capital is located in the North (Red) or South (Blue) countries who use french in their passport Countries whose economies are smaller than California’s Countries with a GDP Lower than Bill Gates’ Net Worth Countries with Active US Military Personnel Countries with constitutional ban on death penalty Countries with no land borders countries-where-homosexuality-is-a-crime Crime index by country, 2019 criminalite dans le monde crossance et decroissance en population9o1_1280 Currency exchange rate to 1 USD Current advice levels for Australian nationals travelling overseas by Australian Government debt of countries around the world compared to their GDP défense-Map of ongoing armed conflicts défense-Map of ongoing armed conflicts défense-Rocket launch sites and numbers of rockets launched défense-Rocket launch sites and numbers of rockets launched défense-Rocket launch sites and numbers of rockets launched defense-Where we’ve dropped our 2,053 nukes Deforestation in Borneo démocratie-monde-Since when each nation has been a republic densite des villes depense miliataire dans le monde usa dette public des payssnq9o1_1280 dire chat dans les langues du monde Distance of States’ Capitals From Their Geographical Center divers-Date format by country Each country’s relative size based on its Muslim population economie justice corruption économie-Countries with less wealth than Jeff Bezos économie-The 25 countries with the most billionaires économie-The 25 countries with the most billionaires économie-Visualizing Foreign Direct Investment by country, 201 économie-World map of shipping traffic density Economist economy-Cities with the largest population of Millionaires education immigration Education vs Military Spending éducation-illestrisme-monde-Literacy rates across the world éducation-Science and math scores per country Elevation vs Population Density energie monde energie-Nuclear power by country energie-Nuclear power by country energie-petrol-How oil flows in and out of every major region around the world energie-usa-Commercial nuclear power plants in the U energie-Year of Peak Oil Production by Country energy- 30 most reliant countries on nuclear energy energy usa energy-Crude Oil Reserves in Billion Barrels English Language Proficiency Index, 2014 environnement biodiversité environnement biodiversite Threatened Mammal Species by country, 2014 environnement -lac-monde World of lakes environnement-biodiversité animaux dangereux par pays environnement-The six ‘floristic kingdoms’ esclavage dans le monde esclavage dans le monde esclavage dans le monde1rasnq9o1_1280 essai atomique dans le monde bombe atomique Estimated locations of nuclear weapons around the world etalement urbain californie usa etalement urbain city ville monde europe-All the land under European control in 1922; Fastest growing job in each US state Federal Prisons in the United States Fertility rate by country, 2012 Fertility Rates in the World Fish and Seafood consumption per capita 2013 data Forest area as percentage of land area by country Forest cover change in the US since 2000 Forest cover change in the US since 2000 Forests as mountains foudre dans le monde fusées les plus puissantes gafa-Paris_Match__15_Fevrier_2018 gaspillage global croplands and 2008 drought Global distribution of four major crops Global Fertility Rate global mean wind speeds Global Rare Earth Elements production with US import sources guerre froide 1960 Half of Canada’s 33 happiness-map HDI by Subdivision Here’s where the most threatened mammals are in the world High speed railways in East Asia Homicide rates in Europe and the US homosexual discrimination homosexualité conversion thérapie homophobie homosexualité gay same sex mariage homosexualité homophobie pays homophobe islam homosexualité homophobie freedom for gay homosexualité homophobie gay islam freedom homosexualité homophobie pays homophobe homosexualité same sex couple adoption homosexualité same sex mariage house-bubbles-2016-1024x706 How different countries elect presidents How much of humanity is in your hemisphere Human Footprint Africa Human Footprint Europe Human Footprint South America Human skin color of native populations If the Mediterranean Sea were in the United States immigration Most Popular Destination for Each Country’s Migrants immigration-Amount of Immigrants as a percentage of Population inde etat inde-Centres of India Internet speed across countries Internet Users, Worldbank, 2013 internet-Facebook map depicts all of the world’s interconnected friendships internet-Facebook map depicts all of the world’s interconnected friendships Irish Americans by county, 2000 Irish Americans by county, 2000 July 2015 was warmest month ever recorded for the globe justice prisonsWorld Prison Population and Incarceration Rate, 2014 laicite laicité-Countries by percentage that says that “it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral” Land Cover of Africa Language family spoken by the majority of each country’s population Largest Christian denomination per country Largest Ethnic Group by US county, 2017 Largest source of electricity production by country Leading countries on manufacturing output, 2015 Left and right side driving countries map Legality of homosexuality in 1966 and 2014 Legality of polygamy Legality of Polygamy Worldwide Length of copyright terms in years liberte presse dans le monde Life Expectancy by State Los Angeles’s GDP fitted into Africa majors by US state Male hairiness Map of average price of a cup of coffee worldwide Map of countries coloured according to their highest point Map of largest employer in each U Map of most spoken language family in each country Map of Nuclear Test sites Map Of The World Containing The Flag Of The Country It Imports The Most From Map of world religions marée noire0 mariage homo usa Median Wealth by country in 2017 metro around the world middle east agriculture Military Aircraft Strength by Country Military expenditure by country Military Expenditure by Country by GDP Military Powers Ranked 2019 Global Firepower Index Minimum age to purchase alcohol by country Minimum wage to rent two bedroom apartment Minimum Wages across the US, 2019 monde - bonheur-The World’s 10 Happiest Countries - And The 10 Unhappiest monde autoroute monde betail World cattle population monde en relief monde environnement Water scarcity in the world monde grandes villes métropole monde laicite monde natalite monde population World divided into 4 regions with the same population monde-Animation of the world’s population filling, with the most densely populated areas shown first more-people-live-inside-this-circle-than-outside-of-it mortalite infantile mst au usao3_400 National Days of the World new york usa espace vert North America population density, absolute amount of 1 Nuclear power by country Number of restaurants among the World’s 50 Best ranking by country obesity rate in the worl obésité dans le monde ocean-Total Sediment Thickness of the World’s Oceans and Marginal Seas oil prix du petrol gagnants et perdants Oil rents (revenue minus cost of production) as % of the GDP dependency on oil, 2016 Open border areas of the world otan vs russie Avril_2017 où trouver bomb nucléaire gratuite Pasture in Brown VS Cropland in Green paturage et culture pays producteur pétrole peche dans le mondefh1rasnq9o1_1280 Percent Afro-descendant in North America Percent Asian in the Americas Percentage of adult population considered to be obese in Asia, 2016 Percentage of people born outside the U Percentage of population living in the state’s largest metropolitan area Percentage of voters who disagree with the statement “Being LGBTI should be a crime” after excluding “not sure” voters Percentage of women in population according to the World Bank plastique pollution biodiversité océan-Le_Point_-_27_Septembre_2018 pollution maritime-ScienceVie_-_Juin_2018 pollution plastique 7 eme continent popaulation density in russia population carcerale dans le monde Population density in Europe, 2011 Population Density of Canada Population density of every country Population distribution map of Vietnam, 1999 Population Distribution of Northeastern US in 2015 Population of Chinese provinces expressed in the population of similarly populated countries population urbaine dans le monde porn legal or illegal pourcentage de diplomé Predictive density map of an estimated 5 trillion plastic pieces polluting the world’s oceans, split into 4 size categories Press Freedom Index 2019 presse ecrite dans le monde printemps arabe prisons pays prisonniers délinquancesnq9o1_500 prix essence dans le monde production d'acier par payssnq9o1_1280 Quality of Death Index, 2015 Quality of Living City Rankings Race and Ethnicity in American Congressional Districts religion athée laicite280 religion laicite laic respect des liberte dans le monde280 riche pauvre chine inde russie usa taux de pauvreté possetion richesse richesse par adulte monde 2018 Road density by country russie tourisme salaire impôt wages taxes 2018 santé alcoolisme chez les jeunes sante monde calories obesité santé-Countries With Universal Healthcare santé-Distribution of blood type in the world santé-Science & Vie No santé-Smart Spenders in Healthcare sécurité-CIA map of drug trade routes securite-Global Peace Index service militaire service militaire sex ration blue more boy red more girlnq9o1_1280 Size comparison between Mexico and the United States Size comparison between Mexico and the United States societé-Happiness level by country via World Happiness Report, 2015 societé-Happiness level by country via World Happiness Report, 2015 Spartacus Gay Travel Index speed limit worlwide limite de vitesse dans le monde station de ski par pays survey asking the world who they sees as the biggest threat to world peace, 2013 taux de mortalite dans le monde The 30 most reliant countries on nuclear energy The elite global space club Successful missions to Mars The evolution of Women’s Suffrage being legalized across the world The illegal drug trade The legal status for same-sex sexual activity around the world, 2019 The population of Tokyo, measured in U The price of mobile internet worldwide 2019 The true size of every country in the world The world population would fit in a place as small as Palestine if it was packed as densely as the Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong The World’s biggest companies per country, 2016 The world’s population, concentrated the-most-photographed-places-in-the-world the-world-divided-into-regions-with-a-gdp-of-1-trillion-dollars Top 10 most visited cities in the world in 2013 Total White American population by State, 2015 tour effeil réplique dans le monde tourisme mondiald1rasnq9o1_1280 Tourist arrives by country, 2013 Tracking global migration of the World’s richest Australia sees highest gains as China sees most losses transport-Traffic deaths per 100,000 Trees per square km in Europe Trump’s proposed border wall tsunami dans le monde tumblr_nfffdzrGjf1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_nfh8mzdPsa1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_nftxmolvJx1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_nm4bq06lDw1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_nwnvlpEdqc1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_nwrf5mYpxd1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_o3bmdkpZ6a1tnwze0o1_1280 tumblr_pli28v3LUE1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_po2i427SeY1qgnlebo1_640 tumblr_poqq9m1Low1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_pot8a6m1JT1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_pot8b2j21h1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_pozzm2RYLn1rasnq9o1_1280 tumblr_pozzmaAWZn1rasnq9o1_1280 Unemployment rate in the world by country Universal health care, 2018 Urban Population Urbanization by country us counties bye percent forest cover us popualtion fit in china US population density us vs russian arm exportation usa average household income USA & Canada overlaid on Europe at the same latitudes usa canada Population of US States & Territories and Canadian Provinces usa densite de population usa economie etat stade Usa education usa emploi Industry of Each State’s Biggest Employer usa How much the biggest cities contribute to America’s GDP usa interventionnisme dicture amerique du sud usa language parlé USa military bases around the Globe, 2011 usa obama five years of obama924_n usa porn watching usa revenu usa santé How much your healthcare costs in all 50 states usa tafta ogm malbouffe oblamerde oblama8318090_n usa Top Export To China By State usa-Biggest Trading Partner By US State usa-Chicago average individual income by census tract, 1970 and 2017 usa-Countries in which US Special Operations Forces conduct regular missions usa-Cultural Regions of America usa-German Americans by county, 2000 usa-Minimum Wage in the US and Canada usa-Most commonly spoken language other than English or Spanish by US state usa-Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians usanmhb4r9Cdi1rasnq9o1_1280 usa-Percentage of population living in the state’s largest metropolitan area usa-Salary to Afford an Average Home per US State usa-soldats-americains-a-l-etranger usa-The most sexually diseased states in the US usa-The poorest zip codes in the United States usa-What the 50 US states might look like if they were redrawn today based on economic connections ville de plus de 100 000 habitants villes urbanisme croissance urbaine La_Recherche_-_Novembre_2018b Voting age around the World Where carbon emissions are greatest Where people trust religion more than science Where Santa lives, according to redditors all over the world Where the world’s richest billionaires live in 2015 Where the world’s richest billionaires live in 2015 Where the world’s richest billionaires live in 2015 Where-to-be-born Index, 2013 where-to-be-born-index Whether Every Country Imports More from China, the US, or Germany Which Countries Create the Most Ocean Trash White South Americans, 2019 Who eats the most meat word-Top 30 countries with the greatest projected population increase and decrease between 2020-2100 World % european ancestry World Corruption Perceptions Index, 2014 world deforestation monde déforestation World map of airline traffic density World map of population density World map showing only large cities World Potato Production world threat map 2019 World Uranium Reserves World War 2 casualties as a percentage of population world women right droit des femmes World’s busiest ports World’s healthiest nations 2019 World’s top 10 largest cities by GDP world-countries have adopted the metric system world-Life Expectancy world-Submarine cable map Worldwide Distribution of Indo-European Languages Worldwide potato cultivation Worldwide trade network - metro style Year of decriminalization of homosexuality by country or territory Yield gaps for major crops of the world